Enlightment Matters

Here we are 2021, what have we achieved within the last century as children of a positive source? We know that a positive nocturnal of behaviour would bring us about on a forever prospering path, why have we not been living so. Within the last 100 years we've made good communication devices and communicate well globally with our international community near or far.

Other than that we're still deep in crisis as if we're still in some ancient times when mankind died from basic issues, because we still are. Mankind's still dying from luck of clean drinking water or any water at all on a planet were we're far from short of water. Bias leading bodies keep concluding us in rising up helplessly into hurting and killing one another.

The human race in it's current state is like unminded children in a school. In a world were living until 80 years old is considered a long life, I'm certain that we can do better. Religions books quote that once upon a time mankind lived a very long life.


They say that mankind lived deep into the hundreds of years, that they lived even up to thirteen hundred years. It's hard to believe this looking back at our history of the last 2,000 years, but life never begun that late, maybe somewhere further down the history lane this was a reality, or its some minding full words to enlighten our minds to work hard to bring about exactly what I'm talking about.

Extending our lives, colonising our solar system is the only way that we can survive as an immortal race.


There's a saying that all of us has said at least once in our life times. I quote: you look like your dad or mum, you act like your mum or dad. These sayings are true without any shadow of a doubt, so parents need to understand that who you are is who your children will turn out to be or who you pretend to be your children will also pick up your acting behaviour.


If a parent's bad habits don't leave others emotionally hurt or physically hurt then it's not too bad, but they can spiral into worse surcomstances.

Here's the point that I was getting to. If a parent has a bad mood's bad habits were the parent finds them selves Always complaining at some time everyday when the family's family home's hosting the whole family in the evenings and weekends for an example.


A child or all of the children of that couple could be birthed with the same bad habits and then the individual could later on, in life slip up by always complaining with a bad voice tone and a chewed up face, that could find that individual falling out with their friends or even find them selves in a life and death altercation.


Within an instance by a phenomenon that has been passed down to them in a way that it runs through them like blood but so dangerous to their well being, it's not fair to our children. So it's important to place your life how you would want it to be and mold your self how you would want your children to be.

The evolving man.

Once upon a time a evolving spiecy crawled out of the sea from the ocean and began it's journey on land through time and evolution.

So cosmic creation has to not only learn and adapt but also evolve into a 2 legged and 2 armed being throughout agers.

As we where going through these processes in time, unfortunately for the well developed mind beings of the cosmos at the time of the divine's great fall from grace, many races across the cosmos made a grave mistake by agreeing to deals made by the fallen to many, specially to human beings.

We're judged on our judgment day based on our state of awareness when we made our primary decision before any other act, the rest of the acts follow. The evolving men not knowing who stood in front of him or her when deceiving them in the times of the fallen ones won't be an excuse in the lords court, it would be a deception attempt because the device would never allow men to walk alone.