Medical Notes

Following vaccination, people must stay extremely hydrated during the following couple of days of being vaccinated.

It's understood that very strong medicinary drugs increase the heart rate to 100℅, putting the body in a jogging state of being.

All of the vaccine's side effects seems to be the blood clotting. Which means that the vaccines aren't being administrated in well advised pupils about the state that one's body needs to be because being gives a very strong solution.

Drinking Water

Medical notes.

Of course if one needs to be on medication, one needs to be on medication. Pilled medication's current form of a context needs to be reviewed because of our current times and technology. Much pointless additives which are added along with the actual dose of medicine to help keep the pill together are unhealthy to our health

Tablets carry additional substances which are only there to keep the doses of the medication as pills hard and durable in which ever shape the manufacturer wants them to be. For as long as they're visible to the naked eye, but these additives have a negative long term effect to the human body. These additives don't work well with our natural bodies. Pills or specially white pills carry a negative long term effect to our natural bodies ones with nature. Additives to pills don't work as one with nature's fourth comings. As if it interferes with the skin's acceptance of positive natural elements. The body ends up looking as if it's waring down, as if something in the medication or the medication itself is weakening the body or has brang a lost of appetite.

Patients on long term medication looking like they've lost much weight should also be placed on vitamin E. Vitamin E brings an appetite. Back to my main point additives need to be removed from medicine, and an appetite teaser add to them.


Let me be straight, strokes seen as some form of cause of death too. No it's not, no body dies from a stroke. So since this is the case, what is a stroke?

A stroke is one of the body's protocol of survival amongst many. Measures which the body takes in order to deter a sudden death.

The heart needs to be beating in a certain rate bracket for all age groups, Not too high and not too low.

If the heart's beating too fast from how it should be beating, it could be for a number of reasons. Which could lead to death if not treated.

Back to my point. If the heart rate falls too low from one reason or another the body would go into a state of shock.

The brain would put the body's muscles in a state of shock leaving the muscles in a state of spaz. This would make it hard for the body to bring about swift and simple basic maneuverers with every movement and that is what the heart would need to up it's heart rates in order  for the heart rate to be at around it's norm.

The body's heart rate would be up rated initially by the stroke.

A stronger and healthier heart would only come about through an exercising and well balanced diet life style.

The heart can out last men made mechanism if well maintained.

A bunch of medication isn't always the perfect solution to a health issue. It's important to have a few health expert's opinion when you're already on medication.

After a stroke and it's treatment, exercise would be the best treatment as a form of therapy.


What is cancer? Cancer is one name for the many ways of the deaths of cells.

We have natural cancer which is the one that kills everybody including children, and the other forms of cancers which are self inflicted such as radiation cancer and smoke inhalation cancer. Since the two don't come about due to the same causes, it's important to separate their titles for a better understanding of their causes.


Natural cancer is a burst after a boiling point of the body's declination to proceed normally clearly due to a sever health issue. Let's say the body's one organ and all cells are suffering as part of one system and one cellular gives way before another one was about to also give way somewhere else which would have breang about another form of cancer somewhere else in the body.

We're going to have to say that natural cancer is also caused by something that is naturally toxin or man made toxicants such as radiation cancer and smoke inhalation and other cancers.


A study into our blood cells, in search of what we can do to help improve the productivity of the individual components which manifests and assemble in order to make cellulars.

What happens is we're for an example birthed as perfect babies were our cellular's production system is perfect, but deteriorates gradually with time which is what brings about our elderly looks. We're supposed to have a body deterioration, but not in a such short space of time.

A very negative modern way of living is the primary cause of this, mind you we're living longer than ancient times.

Undetected low levels of certain food intolerance which might not have a strong or noticeable reaction but posessise a negative chemical which damages the cellular's production system, would be a good example of our live's shortening reasons.

Nasal blockade.

Sweat, smoking, cooking, exercising, bogies, fumes from second hand smoke, dust from dusty roads or just the state of our torains requires us to clean our nostrils of small particles and molecules which clogges up our air ways at least 6 times a day. Other wise our nostrils will get clogged up with all of the ways I've stated above. Once this happens because you haven't been clearing out your nostrils at least a handful of times daily, this would cause breathing difficulties and throughout a life time this would cause severe brain damage.

Cerebral palsy is caused by a long-term luck of sufficient oxygen to the brain, due to the reasons above and the tangles of umbilical cords around the necks of babies which would reduce the sufficient amount of blood to their brains. Oxygen travels around the body through blood cells.

Babies and young children would be dependent on their minders to address this issue and older children be reminded about clearing their nostrils throughout the day even in school.


The well vaccinated countries need to start a national re vaccination campaign. The aim is to stay vaccinated until the whole world reaches a point in time were every boby's vaccinated.

There's no other way to stop infections unless complete vaccination can give a long time protection. 6 months protection only would require a re vaccination program permanently until every body in the world has been vaccinated at least once and are waiting for their due ready planned re vaccination date. So the fully vaccinated need to be told how long they're protected for, and when they need to pop back in for their re vaccination.

 The following 10 years after the whole world has been inoculated, we must keep a close eye on covid19 and store at least 2 million doses of vaccines ready for emergency usage anywhere in the world at a moment's notice for the next 100 years.

Life extendency:

An attempt to increase human's life expectancy.

Over eating or under eating can destroy your health and take lives. Years of intoxication, pollution, strong medications with severe side effects, not terminal but crippling illnesses, radiation, chemical weapons.


These are some of the things that shortens our lives grinding our years of living way below the 100 years mark.

Obviously a vaccine solution in order to strengthen the whole body is the way forward from here on but if the things which I stated above remain strongly as health issues, who wants to live for 300 years pile of hurt.

So as we start to look towards life extending vaccines, it's very important not live a barbaric long life and what ever advice you're given after being given a life extending vaccine be followed with extreme attention.