Climate issues. As everybody goes on highlighting reasons for global warming, they do it with some sort of complete disregard to the fact that the sun has been melting the world's ice age from so far back and now or at least as far back as we can remember, there's only the two poles left. So clearly even when we rid our negative additives to the planets atmosphere, the poles will still melt until there's no ice poles left.


Planet earth's too close to its mother star to be in its current state as part of its norm.

Frozen Land

Planet earth has very cold parts. Which begs the question, do you include very cold countries in your conclusions when you make announcements stating that the planet's getting warmer? Because if you don't, you've lost me. If you have two ways of living on one planet, with one part of the planet scorching hot with wild fires and the other parts of the planet freezing people do death, it would be very vigilant of us to really understand what's going on before publishing statements.

I must stress that we're heading to a global warmth return and not global warming because the earth's current state is a result of a cataclysmic even and not earth's norm. Earth's norm is an exotic, tropical planet very close to the sun to be so cold with so much ice. I'm not going to stress about clean energy because much is being done about it. However water erosion is the biggest of our problems since nothing is being done about it, As we're brain storming possible solutions, an immediate solution would be, from here on to have all builders from around the world build with wild water from sea shores, rivers and lakes.

Vital reasons for a green planet.

Oxygen: Greenery's such as trees, bushes, grass and ocean's waters provides us with oxygen. So it's very important that we keep our planet as green as possibly possible and our oceans as clean and vegetated at it's bottom as possible. It's estimated that the world's oceans produce 80% of it's oxygen. Maybe this is because water takes up the majority of our planet's space. Polluted water produces less oxygen then clean water.

Clean water: drought is caused by the luck of rain. Developed countries get their all purpose useable clean water by guiding rain water to bank's tank and putting the water through a series of cleaning processes.

In order to tackle global droughts, we would need many more countries to have forests or just a bunch of trees all-over the country we which would encourage rain and water plants.

Medication: Medicines are made through plants. Which begs the question, are we looking after this sector of matters and how well with a forever growing population.